Chocolate Craving Made Me Think….

Today I read a friend’s post on Facebook. Her comment was not really surprising yet it really caught my attention: she was craving chocolate which wasn’t unusual, but she linked this craving to hormonal issues and she was complaining of having only 10 good days in a month! WOW! Following her post, a dozen other women concurred… It’s incredible what women go through!!!

This hit a cord in the HAPPY writer that I have become…

If this poor woman has ups and downs due to hormonal imbalances and if chocolate appeases her, there is definitely something out of whack in her system… there is cause to believe that this is serious enough in the sense that it is affecting her quality of life, it is preventing her from finding stability, contentment and happiness within, and she is going through the motions of life plus her family routine as best she can while burning herself down to ashes coping with the imbalance. No wonder she is pooped.  She actually didn’t have to tell me anything… I’ve been there…I know what it’s like.  

I also know now what it is like to not have that anymore and I cannot begin to explain how important it is to get yourself out of this situation, if that is where you are as well.  I believe the solution starts with a healthy diet and that is why I have created the Health category of

If you stand where my friend stands, there is hope to find the new happy you. I will do my best to help her and I want to be able to help you too. Stay tuned. This calls for a long series of posts and discussions!!


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