Celebrating success of last New Year’s Resolutions

Yesterday I held the very first TNHMe Thinkshop. It was a very big milestone in the development of TheNewHappyMe initiative, movement and business offline. It was also one of the items on my Vision Board posted on January 4th, 2011.

At the beginning of the year, I had a Vision. I wasn’t sure exactly how or when everything would fall into place. I simply knew what I wanted. My desire was to ground myself in this project, where I could work on my own terms, in the environment that would most encourage the sense of restfulness, peace and harmony, doing work that feels more like fun. The Vision Board included some concepts like Happiness, Strength, Growth, Goal Setting, and it included some business related terms like eBooks, Readers and Workshops!

As I breathe in the successful step of having completed the first Thinkshop, I am getting excited about the opportunities ahead. Celebrating this milestone refuels me for the next step. I have only one item left undone on the Vision Board:¬†Webinars. That’s next.

Can you imagine sitting down, looking at a Vision Board of results that you have completed one by one throughout the year? How amazing is that feeling?? I am going through the emotions now. It is feasible! Very feasible!! You can do it too!

Let’s get ready for New Year’s Resolutions 2012!


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  1. Peter Wright says:

    Congratulations, you did it, that is wonderful, now how are you going to surpass that next year? A week long workshop at a country inn?

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