Celebrating success is such a wonderful feeling!

How do you feel when you reach a goal? Success is such a sweet word, isn’t it?

Yesterday I posted the event announcement of the very first THeNewHappyMe Thinkshop on facebook. WOW!!

Celebration came with sharing the news with all my closest friends, even friends far far away who although will not be able to attend, will always be there to support me in spirit.

Enjoying every moment of success is another one of my many learning experiences on TNHMe Journey! Believe it or not, not too long ago I still added a “but” after each goal achievement… Today I celebrate with each breath!

If you live in the Greater Montreal area, come celebrate with me! Click below.

TheNewHappyMe INTRODUCTION Thinkshop

What do you want to celebrate today?


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  1. Talin Orfali says:

    I strongly believe that people on the internet should find writings like this, read them, utilize them and use them in our daily lives instead of reading the trash about hollywood and celebrity gossip, people should focus more on morals, inspirational writers like yourself, and live life more happier and more optimistic. God bless you hokis. Continue what you love to do and continue doing this. Keep up the great work. Love you always!

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