Celebrating Milestones along the way…


October 10th marked the 1st Anniversary of the creation of TheNewHappyMe.com. A few days after the first design was published, I started writing an article a day. This Article is number 365.

On January 1st, 2011, I took on the Post a Day Challenge on WordPress since I was already on a roll. So the article a day will continue until at least December 31st.

For today, reaching my own TheNewHappyMe milestone of having written daily for a solid year is an achievement to celebrate! What do you think?

Whether you set yourself a shorter or longer term goal, one that requires a few steps to completion or one that will push you to take huge leaps, your Path will have to include Milestones.

Each Milestone gives you something to look forward to in the near future. It makes it easier to see the advancement in the overall picture as each step is completed one after the other. It also allows you to celebrate each step of the way, taking the time to step back, see the success to date, be happy about it and get motivated for the next efforts.

This is a very important part of goal completion for 2 big reasons:

  1. Celebrating little successes makes you see that you are indeed moving forward even if the objective is still far away. It gives you the energy you need to overcome upcoming challenges, as they arise.
  2. Celebrating is enjoying the Path. It’s all about the Journey not the Destination. Celebrating each success brings so much Happiness, maybe much more than enjoying the final achievement. You’re growing and learning each step of the way and this is a reason to celebrate! Once you’re done, you will want to take on another Goal and Challenge and continue the process! You won’t want to stop! You’ll get addicted to Celebrating Milestones!!!

This is one of the big lessons I learned this week. I totally missed October 10th and then I stopped… Although we know and understand some of the Happiness concepts, it sometimes takes a long time to really digest them and fully integrate them in our lives. Then it hits. Yes, this is important. Celebrating Milestones is as important on your path as every step you’ll take facing challenges and moving forward.

See how you can celebrate today on YOUR Path for the successes YOU recently achieved.
What is TheNewHappyYOU all about?

Join me in my celebration!
TheNewHappyMe.com is ONE YEAR OLD and we have just started making a difference!




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