Cause, Effect and the Food I put in my Mouth.

When I first started this website, I absolutely wanted to include some information about dieting. For obvious and not so obvious reasons, our diets have a huge effect on our happiness.  I want to start my posts in the Health category by writing an introduction on how I think the foods we eat are the causes of positive and negative effects on our Body and Mind.

1) Diets for Good Body Image:
This is probably by far the number one food related topic exposed by media today. We diet to lose weight. Period. This is what we always hear and this is what we have gotten used to. Slowly, the trend is moving towards eating for a healthier body, as prevention or fight against illness, but still there is a large emphasis on keeping extra weight off.  Basically, happiness depends on keeping slim, on looking good in the mirror and attractive to others, therefore our diet becomes a very big element in our search for happiness.

2) Foods to Keep Healthy:
Clear skin, bright eyes, shiny hair, calm stomach, strong muscles are all signs of a healthy body.  What we eat has a direct effect on these parts of our body so naturally, it is advisable to eat well, including more vitamins, minerals and proteins in our diets.  Empty calories and junk food, although still very popular especially in the younger demographics, are known to be  unhealthy, void of nutrients needed by our bodies to grow in youth, to age gracefully, to prevent and fight illness.  Being physically healthy is of course a very important element of happiness, easily taken away by sickness. A healthy body is a happy body.

3) Foods that Some Bodies will not Tolerate:
My family has recently discovered food intolerances (which I will definitely talk more about in later posts). The way I see it and after much research on the subject, my body considers some foods as toxin and refuses to digest them. These foods include anything containing gluten, dairy products, citruses, yeast, alcohol, artificial colouring and sugars among others.   Symptoms vary between me and my kids; they range from kidney pain (excrutiating), dizziness, fainting, light anemia, hypoglycemia, hyperactivity, aggressiveness, depression, crying, fogginess, migraine, constipation/diahrrea, bloating, exzema, acne, just to name the most obvious.  Other symptoms may also be caused by food intolerances but they are so common, vague or sometimes considered trivial, that the link to food will not be easily made. Stress will often be named the culprit. For obvious reasons, these types of symptoms affect our mind and body and can cause serious problems on the longer term. They will affect our happiness level.

Although the first two issues are very important and I would like to discuss them to some extent, the third point will be the main focus of my posts in the Health category as it has affected my life to an unbelievable extent. I have spoken about it to many friends and most people relate to my stories. There is still not enough information out there to help those who think they might be going through difficulties because of intolerances and unfortunately, testing is still not 100% accurate or reliable, testing may be complicated, expensive or contraversial.

As patients try to be their own doctors more and more, it is important to have as much information circulating as possible to help make the right and healthy choices.  I will discuss testing, diet choices, things to ask a physician or naturopath and symptoms to watch out for, all in our quest for happiness. I am very excited to get discussions going about this to learn more and share the information with those of you out there looking for it.  Keep coming back for more and write to me!


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