Building Wealth to Give Back

I often mention the importance of making a plan of action to set goals and achieve success in whatever area of your life you want improvement in. Building wealth is no different. It will require the same type of organizing and planning, if not more. I also suggest that you will need to pay special attention to wealth as a path that will open more doors than you initially imagined.

When we work on our business plans, when we try to increase revenues and gain financial freedom, we analyze the steps we need to take, one by one, to achieve milestones towards the completion of our individual goals. This is just fine as, eventually, it will get us closer to accessing the wealth goal we had initially planned for ourselves. Whether it be through entrepreneurship or employment, creating, growing or saving, it works well.

My suggestion is that there is an important element that we need to consider in our plan of action. One that will make a world of difference in the achievement of wealth, both in capitalization and particularly in the level of happiness you will achieve. This element is giving back.

When you build wealth, you gain financial freedom:

  1. money
  2. time
  3. contacts
  4. knowledge

  Imagine using these three new acquisition to give back to serve others.

  • give money to charities to help them in their mission
  • give your time and expertise to charitable organizations to help them grow
  • offer to help charities by putting them in touch with your contacts for more support
  • invest your money in growing your services to help more people in more ways
  • give your time and offer your knowledge to help others through free webinars, eBooks, offer them free or at a ridiculously low price to help them reach their own goals

These are all ways to give back and achieving your wealth goals will allow you to complete these as well. So why not include these in your plan of action from the start?  Make a concrete effort to think about how you can give back once you reach your objectives. Put it down on paper. This will be a goal to reach too!

** My plan is to grow TheNewHappyMe, translate it into French to reach my Quebec clientele and help them in their quest in a language they will be more comfortable in. You may have noticed, my primary goal is not to sell yet, although I do sometimes offer programs. My main objective now is to learn and grow, to reach out to more readers and to slowly build wealth and happiness through my passion, sharing this with my readers to help them do the same. My ultimate goal is to create webinars, workshops, products and services to help more people, and particularly to offer my support to schools, associations and clubs, helping teens learn how to be happy from a young age. 


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