Budgeting Your Energy

I am going to ask you a question, I want you to be really honest with your answer.
How many times have you complained in the last 7 days? How about in the last month?
How many times have you gotten angry, yelled at everyone around you or sat down and started crying?

If you have incessantly or frequently complained about a problem, if you have gotten angry numerous times without feeling the relief of finding a solution in either case, I believe you may have a budgeting issue. 

If you answered “more than once” to any of the questions above, your energy cost on complaints or anger is no doubt quite high. You are draining your energy reserves. You have no energy left for the other important things in your life. This is obviously something to look into and here is a creative way of looking at it.

Consider your energy much like you would consider money.
1) INCOME: You receive energy through refueling, rest, good healthy foods, proper exercise, your passions, happy times with loved ones, quality time with your children, and so on.
2) EXPENSE: You use your energy in various ways when you make any kind of physical or mental effort.  Some expenses are low, some are high, some useful, some not.

USEFUL ENERGY EXPENSE – or productive energy usage: this is when you use energy to work on something you like or when your efforts are productive, when they bring a benefit to you.  This is like buying healthy foods to eat. It is for nourishment therefore good for you. It is a productive expense, one that you will need to keep in the budget. This is an efficient way of using your energy, how you should generally spend your energy.

WASTED ENERGY EXPENSE: You deplete energy through work you are not passionate about, through conflict, in illness or any kind of distress, mild or severe.  This is wasted energy, the type of budget item that should be analyzed and eliminated for a better and balanced statement.

What makes wasted energy expenses worse is that they also have consequences that deplete your energy even further. For example, when you have complaints or anger boiling inside, you not only inefficiently use up a lot of energy, you also tend to focus less on taking care of yourself to replenish your energy levels. This creates an even greater imbalance. At this point, it becomes more difficult to get back on track… very similar to cash flow…

This is a very important concept to grasp in your path to happiness. Your energy levels are directly linked to your happiness; higher energy means happier me! In addition, the happier me will contribute to higher energy levels through attitude and chosen activities.

Take a look at your budget today. Write down a list of income and expenses. Check mark the items where your energy costs are too high and would require some TLC. Consider also where income may be increased to help your mind, body and soul.  Looking at this objectively will help you see where you stand and make the right decision for The New Happy YOU! :)


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