Brilliant Event with Brendon Burchard

Just got back from an AWESOME event given by Brendon Burchard. Experts Academy offers a 4 day conference to teach EVERYTHING you need to know about using your message, your experience, research and expertise with your audience to build a business.

Brendon is an incredible motivator! He taught, told his stories, explained thoroughly, interviewed guest panelists and allowed us to put in practice, while always reminding us of the importance of believing in ourselves. The Experts’ industry is foremost one of giving. To Instruct and Inspire… this totally spoke to me. When you give of yourself, you also receive. You receive in order to give more. This is powerful!

Beyond that, with some 800 participants making the most of their learning time, the opportunity to interact, to network and to just speak of our personal experiences in entrepreneurship was priceless. Some lifelong friendships were formed in that conference room!

And so I come back refreshed, motivated and eager to get my plan going to Take Action. I won’t just invite you… I am telling you… I want you to join me on this Journey of learning and growing while you Take Action to become the best that you can be!

If you are interested in following Brendon’s work and trainings, I will continue posting information regularly. I love what he does and I encourage you to be open to receiving!


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