Blast of Negativity Brings Me Strength.

Adjective to describe my day yesterday: Challenging.

My day started off very well. I had to work and drag my kids to the event with me. They were very cooperative and I appreciated the ease with which we got everything done. I had an objective and I met it. We came back home ready to take the rest of the day off, watch a movie and relax.

Disaster was waiting for me at home. A friend of mine was going to help me fix a small part of my roof, over my newly painted deck… The poor guy was in disarray when I got home. Tar had dripped from the roof on the deck and was flowing into my pool! I set up a DVD for the kids and went to my room to breathe.

The night before, I had been reading on working with my angels to get help, to meditate, to take steps towards my goals, etc. This seemed like such a set-back in comparison. My friend was apologetic but was complaining that everything had been going wrong since the morning… Well MY morning had been good. Why was that negativity spilling on to me!!! This gave new meaning to my quote “negativity is like tar…” (I had posted on FB several weeks ago and I posted yesterday evening here).

After my breather, I put my emotions aside and started working. I found an old net, attached it to a stick and noticing that the tar was crystalizing and floating on the very cold water, I started scooping it up. He stopped the drip and started cleaning the patio with thinner. I was able to clean the pool and the ledge. Damage was limited to the ciment side of the inground pool and the grass below the patio. The deck itself would have to be repainted. My patio set was untouched thankfully.

I was still very stressed, tired and upset, but having put that aside for a little while, I was able to control the situation. There is still some work to be done which adds to my already full plate, and some extra expenses as a result, which my budget can’t handle right now, but at least the damage is manageable. I got through it… Best of all, I learned how amazingly strong I am.

That last statement is what brings happiness to me. The situation was without a doubt difficult for me, nothing to be happy about, but since I no longer rely on outside sources to be happy, it didn’t effect my level of happiness; or maybe it did… the obstacle I was able to overcome actually strengthened it!  I hope my friend learns from this, and so do you…! ;)


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