Being who I really am.

Today, my family celebrated a special occasion. The baptism of the newest member of our family, my nephew.

It was a unique day for me as I became Godmother for the very first time. I take this role very seriously and I extend it to my niece as well, just as I value my responsibility as a mother to my own children. I want to be an example of a good human being, a woman with integrity and strength to be who she is meant to be, for the children to learn to be the best that they can be as well, with faith and love in their heart.

This mindset alone is a huge motivation to me in every step I take, in every goal I set for myself.  Through every decision I have made since the start of TheNewHappyMe (and since the start of my new life), I have been thinking of how it will impact the next generation. My children look up to me as will my niece and nephew as they grow older. Through TheNewHappyMe, I want to push this further still, to impact the lives of youth all over the world.

Being who I really am allows me to be the best that I can be. With each step, I discover the freedom of being who I want to be and I make steps towards the direction of who I want to become.

How does this statement speak to you on your Path? Are you being who you really are? Are your steps in line with who you want to be?


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2 Responses to “Being who I really am.”

  1. Carmen Marie says:

    Thank you my friend! :)

  2. abbey awaye says:

    U v done what the best mother in the world will do, u are the best. Lol

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