Being true to my life dream

“Keep true, never be ashamed of doing right, decide on what you think is right and stick to it.” — George Eliot

A very appropriate quote considering the author’s story.  Born Mary Ann Evans in 1819, the author used the pen name George Eliot primarily to remove herself from the stereotype of female novelists, who in that era were not taken seriously for their light romances, with what Eliot characterized as ridiculous plots.  

She wanted to follow her dream and she kept true to it by doing what needed to be done, in her own way. (She apparently had some other personal issues to consider as well, but we won’t get into that in this post…) The more masculine pen name George Eliot made it possible for her to follow her chosen path. 


With passion for my work and my plans, I march forward to accomplish my milestones, one at a time. Along the way, I will have decisions to make. Sometimes, the options that will present themselves to me will be less than desirable in that they will not necessarily respect my values, my needs or desires. Some options are mainstream, some are imposed, some are just easier to follow. Decisions aren’t always simple.

In an effort to keep my integrity, I must make the right decision for me, I must be true to myself and follow my path, even if it means doing something difficult or something that others will criticize.

When I have decided what my path will be, where I am headed to make my Life Dream my reality, I have a clear idea of what my values, my needs and desires are. I must be honest with myself in the identification of my principles and my direction. These are highly personal. They are closely related to my history of experiences and to my present situation, to my personality and my hopes for my future. Nobody is entitled to judge my concept of this journey.

Keeping my integrity is moving forward on my path with pride, because I honestly believe it is the right path for me.


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