Be Selfish in the New Year – Believe Giovanni, it’s a good thing!

Today I would love to share the video of a presentation by a facebook friend, personal-growth expert and founder of Like-Minds Lounge, Giovanni Cavalieri.

In his TEDTalk, he refers to entrepreneurs, but his words are so relevant to everyone, to all TNHMe readers who want to reach a life of true Happiness. In his own words, here is a litmus test: “If you are not living a life of ecstasy, you are doing something wrong.”

Here is my take-back from the video as it relates to Goal Setting and New Year’s Resolution:

First, Giovanni talks about basic needs as explained by Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy. See the list below as a pyramid, starting from the
bottom up.

Abundance Needs:
(feels nice to live a comfortable life)

5) Self-Actualization needs
(becoming my best self,
giving my gift to the world)

<<<<<< 4) Self-esteem needs >>>>>>
(challenging myself
and I rise to the challenge)

Deficiency Needs:
(need to reach a comfortable lifestyle)

<<<<<<<<<< 3) Relationship needs >>>>>>>>>>
(need for approval,
others have your back while you have theirs,
family, community)

<<<<<<<<<< 2) Safety or in modern world=Money needs >>>>>>>>>
(manage your finances, reach a comfortable level of lifestyle)

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  1) Body needs  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
(healthy foods, exercise, breathe, rest)

If any of the Deficiency Needs are not met, we will be very uncomfortable and “do anything we can to get that need met, sometimes even crazy things that don’t work.” Are there any of these needs that I have not yet met? Can I identify any of these as important enough for me to want to make  them part of my New Year’s Resolutions? How can I work on my goals to make sure I reach the required comfort level in all these categories?

Giovanni says to be selfish enough to handle your needs first. This is the only way you can be present to your loved-ones and the world. Have you paid attention to the wisdom of flight attendants? Put your mask on first, then help the other person. If you do not, you become a liability yourself.

Once you live the comfortable life and have all your Deficiency Needs met, how do you become the best person you can be, challenging yourself to be the gift to the world that you are meant to be?

“Get your fundamental needs met, give your greatest gift and then receive the gift of a life well lived and let the whole world receive the gift of your life well lived.”

So based on this information from Giovanni, what do you want your New Year’s Resolution to be?

If you like Giovanni’s TEDTalk, you can read his posts through his facebook page

Giovanni has also generous offered, For a *very* limited time, a free 25-minute “How to Outgrow any Problem” strategy session to any new member of the Like Minds Lounge.  Why? Check it out…


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