Be Amicable for the Children

Today, I had the pleasure of attending my daughter’s high school International Dance show where groups had prepared choreographs from different parts of the world. The show was very nice and well prepared, with the support of amazing teachers.

I would not have been able to enjoy and appreciate the work that the students, my daughter, and their teachers put together, had it not been for the new amicable relationship I at last have with my ex-husband.

It has been 6 and a half years since we split, and just now has he understood that nice is better than jerk, that I am not a monster, that I can negotiate when respected and that I am reasonable when I am not taken for an idiot. Of course, I close my eyes to a few things here and there, as I am sure he does too, but after all that is why we divorced… otherwise, our more comfortable relationship makes it much easier to enjoy our children in their growing years.

Our children more importantly benefit from a much better relationship with their parents, with less stress, happier quality moments and a better value learning opportunity.  They are the biggest winners in this!

It is VERY difficult to understand eachother when in a divorce situation. I hope that knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that this light brings so much positive energy to the extended family, will allow some parents to take a step back and think about moving forward in the direction of amicable communications, for the sake of the children. The outcome is worth the compromises.


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