Balance means lots of hard work and lots of rest

The path to wealth leads to a sense of completeness and financial happiness. Each one of us will have a different comfort level in the investment of time and energy on the path, as well as for the desired outcome. Regardless of this however, we have to find balance between both and this is a very subjective process. However I decide to view this balance, it is a required element in the equation for wealth. If I decide to avoid it, it will come back to slap me! I found out the hard way!

Indeed, this has been an area of thought and challenge for me. I never doubted that building a portfolio and a business start-up would require huge investments in time and energy. Unlike publicity advertizing the benefits of work from home, few hours and lots of leisure, my personal view, particularly as a single mom, involved a day job combined to work after hours, added to errands and chores and so much more… I soon became so obsessed with my dream that situations forced me to rethink my path; I had to find balance fast.

Balance on the path to wealth is finding the equation between hard work and rest.

Do we truly realize how much work is involved?
The journey to wealth is a lot of hard work. I can vouch for that! When I decided to take TheNewHappyMe path, I got really excited. The opportunity to use creativity, to learn new things, to discuss with friends and to get their support were incredibly fulfilling. I saw myself putting more and more hours into the project. It was wonderful! Yet within a few months, shorter nights, rings under the eyes and a lack of social life become part of my reality. My children weren’t too happy with the new project anymore! When I set off to make my dream come true, I didn’t settle for that.

This project to me is a lifelong dream. It is what I envision will eventually become my life work. My investments in time and energy are really worth it, I know.  I still have a lot to do to build it and I am very excited about it. I realize that because I have devoted myself to this initiative and because I passionately want to make my dream come true, 100% is not enough. Yet every extra ounce of energy on this takes away from the others… My dream is starting to affect my life, my health and my family.

Balancing it out with rest.
Wealth is happiness so the path cannot accept to let hard work drain my energy and decrease my quality of life. There has to be a balance where rest will replenish and refuel. This is easier said than done! Quality time with my family and friends, activities supportive of my personal well-being as well as healthy habits will provide me with the restful moments to find balance. Yes. But how do I detach myself to do that?

As weird as it sounds, at first it feels wrong. When I started making a conscious effort to spend some time with my children, to get some sleep or to go out for a coffee with a friend, it went against the grain. All I could think about was working! I had so much to do in little time. Rest felt like a waste.

I got a slap back to reality. Twice!

First, my children fought back. They needed me so they demonstrated it their own way. They made my life hell! Whatever I did was not acceptable, they didn’t let me work, they were rowdy, they slacked at school… the works! Slap! Stop. Rewind. My dream, although very important, had to be reorganized to let my children have priority. I really needed to spend quality time with them. I had to realize this would be also be beneficial to me on the long run. I made a routine to work after 8pm only. It seemed to put things back in order.

Until the second slap! I got sick. Of course my posts didn’t suffer… I kept on going… I kept building my site… but I was exhausted, still working insane hours after 8, or going to bed early and waking up in the middle of the night to continue. One morning, I was so drained I couldn’t get out of bed. My body was forcing me to rest. Slap! What the hell was I doing? Way to go Carmen! Is this how you intend to take care of the kids?? Think about it: No health, no wealth hunny!!

So although my dream is still a huge part of my life, so are my kids and my health. This revelation changed my perspective on what is really important in realizing my dreams. Hard work to reach a goal is not enough. I need balance to be able to continue on my path, to complete my objectives, to enjoy the moments and to share my happiness with my loved ones. 

Hard work will always be part of who I am. My journey will always involve huge investments in time and energy because I set my goals high, and that’s okay.  From now on, they will be balanced with a healthy dose of rest. This is no longer a secret to the path to wealth and happiness.


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