Baby steps are just the beginning

Baby steps to goal completion have an immense and powerful energy. They allow me to reach for the stars even if it may have seemed impossible at first.  They are also like an extraordinary avalanche created by just one small snowball.  The effects are of course wonderful and the benefits are tremendous.

At a closer glance, baby steps are small and fragile, yet they offer great potential for growth. Baby steps require small effort and time individually but acquire strength in numbers when combined with perseverance.  Baby steps are also friendly and invite me to play. Their non-intimidating nature is primary in my acceptance of them. Even though baby steps may push me to walk a little out of my comfort zone sometimes, they hold my hand and say: “Here, it’s not so bad, try it…”  Soon, it really isn’t so bad after all; I rejoice in the little successes and the huge accomplishments on my path that baby steps offer me.

Taking these first baby steps are incredibly important on my path as they establish the momentum. They motivate me to do more and more, soon I don’t even need hand holding because I know that the baby step’s promise is real. “Do it and there is a small success at the end of it”.

Even if there isn’t an immediate success, there may be a small failure, a draw back, an error or a stall. No matter! It’s just a baby step! It wasn’t a huge investment to start, so why make it a big deal. The next baby step will help regain the loss in no time. Anyway, trial and error is an important part of moving forward too!

And for those who say you need to take big risk to make big gains, I say PFFF! Baby steps are 100X better!

Baby steps help us learn and grow during the journey, they help us advance slowly and surely while building knowledge, experience and relationships along the way. The path gains so much value this way.  Why would I recommend the incredible leap of faith and cliff dive risk? 

What’s wonderful about baby steps is that the actual step size is very subjective. My baby step may be a huge leap for someone else and this is fine. Everyone will measure their own baby step relative to their own comfort level. As you move forward, you will also notice that your baby step size with increase!

So. Ready to take baby steps yet…? More motivation to come!

Take out your journal and see what your first baby step was for the completion of your first milestone. Is that something I can trust you to do today? 

If you haven’t written down your milestones and baby steps yet, let me help you with an exercise… read tomorrow’s post to see how I do it!


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