Baby steps; a huge part of my story

My work on TheNewHappyMe allowed me to make a incredible discovery.  I realized I have been using baby steps during my entire life without truly understanding its value.  Writing about dreams, goals and milestones opened my eyes to the importance of baby steps as a technique in success achievement and obviously for happiness.

BTW, today’s post marks the 6th month anniversary of!
I owe it all to baby steps!!

As I have explained before, baby steps offer us incredible advantages. They may look like they represent an inch in what feels like light years to destination, but no matter; each baby step actually gets us closer to our dream and as such, it is infinitely valuable!

I will take the time to review all the benefits we can get from making baby steps one by one as I continue on the topic. I truly believe that this is a tremendously important concept to grasp and implement in your life in order to move forward in any project you may have in mind.

Just thinking about TheNewHappyMe, I have used baby steps from the beginning in shaping my project to what it has become, and no doubt I will continue to work on it the same way, until I reach full contentment. From deciding about content, to research, technical development, writing, creating the HappyGuide then the Daily Hint of Happiness… all this came to life one by one, through baby steps helping to spread the work out, making it easier to handle and motivating me along the way.

From managing limited time to figuring out what’s best through trial and error, from overcoming fears to getting motivated by little successes, from breaking a wonderful dream down to practical steps and making it a reality and enjoying every moment of it, these are all reasons why we should all use baby steps in our plans to completing our goals.

Baby steps have been a huge part of my story, for TheNewHappyMe and in many other aspects of my life. In almost 40 years of life, I can easily say that baby steps have become the best ally for my basic purpose in life, to learn and to grow, one baby step at a time.


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