Awakening to the next layer…

May sound like a funny title, but the truth is, as we Awaken to our new reality, to our truth that we may have hidden for some time (a long time perhaps), we realize that we end up dealing with a layer at a time, not knowing when we’re ready to peel the next one.

Not too long ago, I dealt with “pain” (what I later found out was the first layer I was consciously peeling). There was suffering in my past, I had kept it well hidden and I had to deal with that. My business challenges were all but objective, logical and straight forward. The hurdles I was invited to overcome were deep rooted and very personal. At first I didn’t see the link, but it made itself quite clear to me rather quickly. In order to continue in business, I had to clear out the pain.

As I read, as I wrote, I got my hands dirty. My tears shed the pain and tore off what I later found out to be the first layer… It felt liberating. The space this exercise cleared made room for more love in my heart and soul. It was wonderful. I thought I had come a long way!

Then recently I was reminded of an article I wrote a while back Hidden deep beneath the layers. Just like paint layers on an old wall, you can remove one layer only to uncover an older one, a different color, faded or dirty from its own experience. Okay so my long way was just the beginning!

In the case of hidden emotions, it may not be an older layer, but a deeper one. It will be one that will require you to be stronger than when you peeled the first. Your dealing with the first therefore will have served as training for the second. Get my drift?

Reality is that you don’t expect the second to show its face. It just pops at you. I thought clearing the pain finally got me to the point where I was finally free of all the deep rooted negative energies in my life… I was wrong. So here I was trying to run my business, getting frustrated as I was not able to produce my work as I expected of myself…. then I exploded! The next layer showed its face! It truly suprised me. Anger. Ugly to say the least.

Okay so here I am TheNewHappyMe. Where did anger come from??? I was in tears. Why??? How??? This was not supposed to happen. Or was it…? It was just the next layer showing its face once it was sure I was strong enough to deal with it.  Clearing pain had provided me with good hard work experience, so I guess I was ready!

The truth is, you’re never really ready. These challenges are uninvited and not quite the type of surprise you’ll ever enjoy. You get tired of them. I know I am…. Will it ever stop? No. It won’t.

Challenges are your gift. You may not like them at first but they are precious opportunities that offer us the chance to learn and grow… to reveal your true self, beneath all the layers… to Awaken.




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