Asking the right questions

I embark in the series about questions this week. It comes to me from an introduction to the new and maybe still not very well understood profession of coaching.

The word Coach brings to mind athletics more often than not. A Coach is the person who will provide the safe environment for the athlete to practice and push to better levels of performance. The Coach will give feedback and cheer when goals are achieved.

A personal Coach - not related to sports – is there much for the same reasons. The only thing I can add is that the personal Coach will know how to ask the right questions.

“The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution.” – Bertrand Russell, British Philosopher (1872-1970) 

If you were to act as your own Coach right now and you asked yourself questions, what type of questions would they be?

- Why me? OR What can I change in my attitude to make this better for me?

- Why can’t I find a job? OR What resources can I go after to guide me towards employment?

- Why am I not happy? OR What can I feel Gratitude for today to feel even the smallest smile inside of me right now?

There are always opportunities for small steps out there, ready for you to discover them and make the decision to move forward. If you have not found them yet, try reviewing your questions to yourself. Are you asking yourself the right questions that will open you up to options and solutions?

This is where I remind you to take our your Journal. What a great exercise to try writing down a set of questions and see if you feel they open you up to solutions. If they don’t, how can you reformulate them? Go ahead, write! Practice asking yourself the right questions today!


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