Asking questions and being truthful in your answers

If you are confused about your Path, you may not necessarily want others involved in your train of thought, at least not in the beginning. You may feel a little shameful at being what others would call a scatter-brain, you may feel weak for being stuck in this situation or you may simply rather not have anyone mix you up further with new feedback, when you already feel overwhelmed.

Whatever the case, you may want to ask yourself some questions first, to take the time and think these through. You may want to take a step back to ponder and reorganize your thoughts into a more coherent flow. This would not only allow you to start discussing with others, it would also help you start thinking of concrete steps forward.

I always suggest writing questions and respective answers in your Journal. You may want to choose one question per week, or many questions about the same topic for several days in a row. This exercise helps you come up with different options and solutions to move forward on your Path.

If you prefer not to do this alone, it is always helpful to find a Coach or a good friend who listens well and has a knack for asking the right questions. You may come up with some surprising reactions that will help you funnel your thoughts towards a viable solution to your problem (or more than one for that matter) .

Whether you choose to write or talk things through, being truthful in your answers is primary. You have to be honest with yourself foremost to be able to help yourself through this experience. Writing in your Journal and discussing with a Coach who can throw interesting questions at you, will put you in a position where you will answer the first thing that comes to mind. Usually, these rapid answers come from the heart and they are the most truthful. The more you analyze and pick apart your situation, the more you think of the influence others have had on you, the more you reminisce about your past and worry about your future, the more you will blur your present reality.

In your honesty, you must also be truthful about how these behaviors affect you today. Accept that your attitude will make a difference. Make an effort to speak from the heart. Voice your thoughts with Integrity about where you believe you should go next, about where you need your Path to go for you to be Happy.

Ask yourself a question now. Think fast about your answer. How truthful are you? Be honest. :)



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