Asking a question to find the solutions

In asking a question, as intricate or as silly as it may be considered, one will always open the door to solutions. Yes more than one.

John Lennon – “People asking questions, lost in confusion, well I tell them there’s no problem, only solutions.”

We all have scripts we go by daily as we face our routines and our challenges. Our scripts can often be beneficial and sometimes very harmful in a subtle way.

One way to make sure that you follow a movement forward on your path, is to make sure you always ask the right questions. Let go of the scripts that dictate why and how, keeping you in that unhappy place. Replace them by a question:

  • What one thing do I appreciate in this moment right now?
  • What single baby step can I take to make this moment better right now?
  • What step can I take to make a difference in my life today?
  • What can I change in my attitude to bring a smile to my face and deep within me?
  • What can I do today to go to sleep content from my day?

How do these questions speak to you? Are there questions that you could ask yourself to open your mind to the range of solutions available for you to discover? Next time you hear yourself reading your unhappy script, stop yourself and ask yourself one of these questions. See where that leads you. I bet it will offer solutions your script never provided before!


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