Ask Carmen #6 – Beyond fear, taking action.

Here is Ask Carmen #6 with this question:

“I want to take action, I want to move forward but I can’t, I am paralized with fear, how can you help me?”

The video is a little longer than usual (12:50 minutes) but well worth every minute. Comment below to let me know how this suggestion will help you move forward too!



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2 Responses to “Ask Carmen #6 – Beyond fear, taking action.”

  1. I’m 82 years old and have a business with my daughter. We are new at this and I often feel like I’m pushing her as she has her hands full with 3 kids. But I get very discouraged and feel like we are in a rut. Like “where do we go to get out of this rut”? Your talk today was motivating. I liked the Turkey comparison. We meet tomorrow and hopefully, I can bring your turkey story in Thanks Carmen

    • Carmen Marie says:

      HI Jeanne, thanks for keeping in touch. Let me know how your meeting went with your daughter. Acknowledging that you have to make a change is already a first step. Hope the turkey story helped to see what the next step should be!

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