Ask Carmen #2 – It’s all about Goal and Time management

Here is Ask Carmen #2, to answer two questions that were very similar in nature.

Jeanne said: “…my daughter and I have a business together . She has 3 children, young, and we get stuck  too many times on how to forge ahead. Our co. is called  Green Buddha, T-shirts and  accessories, Yoga, exercise clothes.  All based on Gratitude. Our new line AOG (attitude of Gratitude), just coming out with a new web site in the making. I would like to also have a recipe book “Buddhas Recipes” and we also have a grateful journal. How do we focus and stay on course? Any suggestions??”

Sandi also asked: “My question to you with Christmas coming, how do I stay focused with my CC training, my business and getting ready for the holidays?”

Here is my reply: It’s all about Goal and Time Management!

Note that making this video was quite difficult given all the info I needed to condense. After 155 takes, I am really happy to having completed it! So, if there is anything unclear in my reply, please let me know!! Your feedback is valuable to me!

Ask Carmen video #1 – How do I do it?
Ask Carmen video #2B – How to keep focused


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