Ask Carmen #1 – How do I do it?

I am very excited to present the very first Ask Carmen! today!

The question is very relevant to New Year’s Resolutions and Goal setting and achieving in general: How do I do it?  The answer is in the video!

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6 Responses to “Ask Carmen #1 – How do I do it?”

  1. [...] is one of the words I used yesterday in my Ask Carmen! Video. I have made Accountability my friend. I let it help me in putting my plan of action to [...]

  2. Sukanta says:

    Excellent!!! God bless U…

  3. Sandi says:

    Great idea Carmen!! My question to you with Christmas coming, how do I stay focused with my CC training, my business and getting ready for the holidays?

  4. Carmen Marie says:

    EXCELLENT Question!!!
    Let me get cracking on a clear and concise solution for you!! This is definitely something I deal with on a regular basis and indeed it can be a challenge! Your question will no doubt help many other readers work on their multiple projects more efficiently too!
    Thank you very much Jeanne for participating in Ask Carmen! You can expect the video (and email communications for extra support) for next Friday!

  5. Great Carmen! Its a great idea and my question to you is my daughter and I have a business together . She has 3 children , young, and we get stuck too many times on how to forge ahead. Our co. is called Green Buddha, T-shirts and accessories, Yoga, exercise clothes. All based on Gratitude. Our new line AOG (attitude of Gratitude), just coming out with a new web site in the making. I would like to also have a recipe book “Buddhas Recipes” and we also have a grateful journal. How do we focus and stay on course? Any suggestions?? You’re doing such a good job!!

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