All you need is to see in the eyes of your Friend

Yesterday I had a very unique experience. I saw in the eyes of a friend in need. Deep, sad, asking for support, any support, with a very deep and touching gratefulness.

It made me think of the truth you can see through someone’s eyes.

You, as a Friend, will support others through their path. You will also receive from your own Friends along your Journey. How important it is to act with Integrity, with Honesty, in an effort to do good when you cross each other’s paths in this way? How grateful you are each time a Friend offers you this type of real Friendship?  How good it feels to see the gratitude in your Friend’s eyes?

Trust those eyes. See deep in them and feel the emotions. You will experience something wonderful both as you let your Friend in to help you and as you lend your hand to help your Friend.

Take some time today to remember when you have trusted a Friend’s eyes. What did you feel? Were you right to trust that person? If not, what should you have seen in hindsight?  How does it feel to help someone when you feel pain in their eyes? How does it feel to see a twinkle in your Friend’s eyes when you are getting excited for a change in your life and you need their support? How can you express Gratitude for truthful eyes?




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