Afformations with Noah St. John

Here’s a cool video I think you’ll enjoy…  AFFORMATIONS

I’ve been a fan of Noah’s ever since I read about his work through ETR. I also listened to the audio offered through Entering the Clarity Zone (See previous post). And I know you’ll love him too, because not only does he have a great way of speaking, he really has an amazing way of making you understand the missing link to your success;  he shows you a FASTER, EASIER WAY to manifest your desires that’s better than what you’re doing right now.

Check it out, this video can truly change your life (no opt-in required) —  AFFORMATIONS WITH NOAH ST.JOHN


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  1. Hi Carmen: Noah St. John here, the inventor of Afformations and author you quoted in your article.

    Thank you very much for the post! I’m delighted you’re enjoying Afformations.

    Keep me posted…

    Ask away,

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