An Adventure for Wealth

I’ve been working on this website for a month now, diligently researching for new topics, getting feedback from my friends and writing every single day to add content and value to my pages.

It all started with the Early to Rise  enewsletter (and very inspirational emails by Michael Masterson). They highly recommended attending the Florida Bootcamp in July for entrepreneurs-at-heart looking for an online business model to start part-time and build on. I was very interested but could definitely not afford it.  When I got their special offer in October (still available)  to buy the full set of DVDs featuring the full seminar at less then a third the price, I jumped on the opportunity.

The concept is basically to build wealth. The unique caracteristic of the seminar is the dynamic atmosphere the speakers create, making this entrepreneurial step a tremendous learning experience and a powerful adventure.

Through the bootcamp, the speakers explained the creative part of the process and also went through all the technical steps one by one.  They of course made their recommendations. First was Domain Name registration with

Wordpress & Go Daddy Hosting -  125x125

Then Web Hosting with HostGator:

Then the actual site on WordPress with added Socrates Theme to give the blog pages a unique website look. And the instructions were so simple to follow! Socrates even offers a whole tutorial on how to put it all together!
To check the Socrates world of WordPress adventure, click below.

As a business start-up, this whole creation, including the learning process through the bootcamp DVDs that I will be able to refer back to again and again, hasn’t cost me more than 700$, which is not much given I have no webmaster to rely on or to pay for on a monthly basis. Registration and charges are minimal and I feel like I’ve finished a whole diploma, coming out of this with technical knowledge beyond my wildest dreams!

Of course, the ETR speakers are master marketers and they know which internet tools to use and how to use them to create a profitable business. That is what they teach. The experience becomes an exciting adventure though because they encourage the entrepreneurs to create a business that stems from a personal passion. Yes your website is designed to slowly build wealth, with patience, list building, SEO, copywriting, etc… but at the core, you are doing something you love and you are offering your readership amazing value.  I can’t think of a better business to embark in. 

The whole process has been an amazing adventure to date. To think it just started!!
The New Happy Me… here I come!!! :)


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