Action vs Inaction

“There are costs and risks to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.”  - John F. Kennedy.

There is definitely effort involved in action. There is an investment in time and energy.  You must build your action plan first and be prepared for what’s coming up. Then you just do it and see action as it unfolds. Whether this takes 5 minutes or 5 years… the push to action has a cost and risk, in other words how much and what ifs. Scary thoughts.

What is the alternative, i.e.  inaction?

Inaction is not doing anything. Staying where you are. Not setting or achieving goals. There may not be any direct investment of time or energy in this, but consider the sacrifice. Where action opens doors, inaction keeps them closed. Where action allows to learn and grow, inaction keeps us comfortably stuck at the starting point. Where action leads to fulfillment, inaction will eventually lead to boredom. Needless to say Action is the path to happiness. Inaction isn’t.

Newton’s law of inertia states that a body will stay in its current state until it receives a force to change the state it is in. Therefore it takes some type of push to move the body.  In the same way, when you need to take action, you need an initial push. Once you have pushed yourself enough to start moving, the rest will follow. The push is any kind of motivation that will help you take that first baby step.  That first step will be crucial for your goal completion. The investment, the push out of inertia for that first step will be well worth it once the ball’s rolling!

Have you started goal setting? I actually took a baby step and enrolled with  to set my next baby steps with a timeline and start working seriously on my action plan. The system is pretty easy to use… So far so good!


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2 Responses to “Action vs Inaction”

  1. Peter Wright says:

    Good post, without action nothing happens, all the well made plans, goal setting and reading of motivational books won’t work until that first action step is taken.

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