Action is key to your Vision Board

No matter what tool or method you use to create your Vision Board, you must remember that “action” is key to its realization.

Your Vision Board is filled with images of things you want to own, things you want to achieve, things you want to do, feel and be. These things generally won’t just happen, they won’t fall on your lap, you won’t wake up looking like the model on Elle Magazine and I doubt you have a Fairy GodMother… You have some action to perform in order to have these things materialize in your life.

Here are some quick tips of concrete actions to help you make your images come true (although the list can go on and on):

  • Focus on your “want” with passion. Feel it fully, smell it, see it in your mind’s eye as if you already have it, as if you have already achieved it.  Feel the happiness of this outcome.
  • Think of and feel only the outcome, not the fact that you do not have it now.
  • Set concrete goals and break them down in tiny tasks that you will be able to manage and accomplish.
  • Write in your journal daily if possible to follow your progress, feel encouraged by your successes and keep the thoughts and images of the outcomes fresh in your mind.
  • Believe in your core that these images will indeed come to life.
  • Look at your Vision Board daily and more to get invigorated each and every time.

As I was writing this small list, a thought came to mind; it has to be realistic! This is another key element to the success of this exercise although you must be thinking… if my images are my dreams, how can I determine if they are realistic? Ah-ha! That will be the topic of my next article!!

Check out the Vision Boards Guide for more info.  To start working on your own Vision Board, on your own, with your spouse, children, friends, students or co-workers, go to the Vision Boards’ Take5 to Take Action Promotion page.


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