Act Like a Star!

“I always thought I should be treated like a star.”Madonna

No wonder she is!

There is no secret in this statement when you think about it… What is positive thinking all about anyway?  The Secret made it sound like a whole new concept yet the principle is not only simple, it’s old!  Try it, give it a chance…

The idea is to truly believe. When I started writing this blog, I wanted to share my passion with potential online readers. I took some DVD courses for the technical part of it and just started writing. My thought process was this:

- I know what I want to do. I want to write about all the things I’ve learned.

- I know I have to find the resources I need to make it happen (and I did, actually they kind’a fell on my lap…). Online research, from one website to another, brought me to Early to Rise which is a great business+ self-help site.

- I know I have to take action, sit down and work at it, which I have been doing… I believe I can create a website that looks more than half decent, I believe I can write, I believe I can write about things that will interest potential followers, I believe I can find new topics each and every day, I believe I can commit to actually posting an article a day and I believe readers will talk about my website and refer it to friends.

- Based on the teachings, if you work at it, you can turn your passion into a successful website (and eventually a business) . I truly believe in what I am writing about, I know I have interesting topics to share with others, therefore I an 100% certain that I will attract the attention of potential readers out there on the www. 

And that’s is what I am doing… I believe in it so strongly that I am making it happen. I am realizing my dream.

Step back: Belief + Action = Wish come true;  no action->no wish! Sorry!!
Madonna didn’t become a star sitting on her butt!!

Believe, truly believe what you want for yourself, in the core of yourself, act the way you will feel when you get your wish come true and you will make it happen. Everyone can. Try it.


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