Acknowledging help on your Path.

What do open doors of opportunity, offers of support and thought provoking questions have in common?

They can all potentially help you on your Path.

Why potentially? Because you have to acknowledge them first to use them appropriately.

IF you don’t see the opportunity right in front of your face, or if you decide that it isn’t the direction you want to take, that door will not be part of your Path.

IF you refuse an offer of support from a friend, a colleague, or if you even decide to not hire the services of a professional for a job you cannot handle on your own, then you will not get that help on your Path.

IF you let a thought provoking question pass you by, if you decide to not hear your mind and inner self speak the truth about you, if you deny the existence of a reality within you, then you will never know how you could help yourself on your Path, how you could find your own solutions and how your uniqueness makes you so wonderful and powerful.

As you set out to achieve your goals, open your eyes and yourself to the range of support you can get on your Path.
Acknowledge them, use them, appreciate them, grow with them!


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