Accepting feelings even if they hurt

It is human nature to accept nice things with ease and hurtful things with pain. No need to explain that!

When you write in your Journal, and you make a habit out of it, you start uncovering feelings, usually the very painful ones you have decided to keep hidden way down there, in the depths of your subconscious.

Feelings that hurt are definitely not easy to deal with, so when they happen, we sometimes decide not to deal with them and we hide them. When they resurface, it is usually as a result of having acquired enough experience, knowledge and strength to be able to face them. And so, when they pop on a Journal page, they come as a splash of cold water in the face… (maybe cold sweat…) It is up to us to take a towel and wipe the skin clean.

This is not fluff. It cannot be taken lightly. Dealing with hidden feelings takes a lot of effort and energy. One post cannot cover the whole intensity of the matter.

If you have set yourself a goal to find the source of a problem in your life and you have started using your Journal, keep at it. It will be your shovel, your trowel and your brush to uncover some great finds!

In the next posts, I’ll tell you some of my stories…



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