About Me

Hi. My name is Carmen.

Born and raised in Montreal.
Now raising 2 children, Christine and Alex.

Why did I create TheNewHappyMe?
Because I felt like I needed to share my story and spill my guts out to the world. Every time I would tell someone about my past, I would learn about their own struggles, and so I thought: “Wow, I’m not alone”.

So many of us go through the same challenges in life yet we feel like these things only happen to us.  To know that we are not alone can take away so much of the pain… It would allow us to speak out… It would allow us to heal, or at least speed up the process a tiny bit…

So I wanted to write about what I learned along the way. What worked, what didn’t. What misconceptions got me in trouble. What truths I finally acknowledged. And it developped into a website with over 400 articles… Not what I expected at first.

What is the story I wanted to talk about?
My story. My past. My struggles, struggles I now call challenges to learn from. My failures, failures that allowed for my later successes. My experiences. My thoughts. My progress. My growth. TheNewHappyMe.

We all have our family backgrounds, dysfunctional in one way or another. Coming from a relatively conservative family, with values set on conformity, my desire to try new things was not accepted. For many years I tried to follow the common thread until I cracked.

I started following my heart, but conformity kept following me close behind. As soon as I ventured too far, I would feel a pull back. I gave up. I decided to hop on the first bus to marriage.  Long story short, disaster.

With the announcement of my first pregnancy, although I felt happy on the surface, things could have been better. My mother’s first reaction was “Oh-no, now you can’t get a divorce.” Many struggles, tears, my second child, a few banged up walls and a bruise on my arm later, I sat alone, my arms around my children, in a house I thought was supposed to be my happy home.

How dare I call the police… Now I was left with dealing with the sale of the house, while juggling a mortgage, credit card and line of credit debts on my own, managing criminal court and family court appointments, two children 6 and 2, all while trying to keep my sanity in employment. I am proud to say… I got through it. With my sanity.

With more than my sanity actually…
I have full custody of my children with extended visitation for my ex-husband, so the children see him regularly. After years of trying to be amicable, it finally paid off; we can now have decent conversations.

I now have more assets than during my marriage as a couple; I own two houses, a big bungalow with a pool and corner backyard and a townhouse I have rented out.  We split the children’s expenses according to the judgment guidelines and I have made up my mind to not need his assistance in the near future.  I take the children to annual one-week vacations abroad and I want to do more of that!

I now make more than double the salary I made back then. I went from being an Administrative Assistant to Executive Assistant to Director of Operations of a national charitable organization. Being on my own, working on my own challenges and boosting myself through positive intentions, I marched forward, gaining confidence along the way. Now I have the intention of doubling that annual amount too, this time as an entrepreneur (a step many said I was insane to take…)

I followed my heart and opened my home to 3 dogs that I adore.  Another step of insanity according to others. I pay more attention to my heart now… I take good care of my health, my diet and now more recently my fitness (of body, mind and soul). More and more, I take care of me. I have often been told that I look younger than my age…

I owe it all to my work to find Happiness. TheNewHappyMe.

What is my message?
My message is one of Hope for anybody who feels stuck, who doesn’t know where to start, who feels overwhelmed by circumstances and believes there is a path to Happiness.  My message is to readers who are ready to make a change in their life, who are willing to make the effort to face fears and step out of their comfort zone.

My offer is to help all those who are ready to listen to the message.

As a Coach and a friend, I offer my message and support to help you reach your goals, succeed on your path and find happiness not only in your achievements, but in becoming TheNewHappyYOU.


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11 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Ian says:

    Carmen, I just found this site today, after months of neurotic google searches about various physical and mental symptoms I have been feeling for years that have gradually gotten worse. I reached my breaking point at the beginning of this week, and decided to quit one of my jobs to stop and begin to sort through these feelings I was having. I’m so glad I quit that job! I’ve had a painful and anxious week facing some of the memories of my past and the feelings that come with them, but I’m really glad I found your site! You have an inspiring way of writing that doesn’t sugar coat this process, and your articles reassure me that all this pain is coming out for a reason, and that eventually, I will be the person I always knew I could be and aspire to be. Thank you so much for creating this blog, it is a gift to everyone who is hurting out there.

    Warm Regards,


  2. Jan Robberts says:

    Hi Carmen,

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring story with me…I have a few of those T-shirts in the cupboard :-)

    Looks like your positive attitude and giving nature coupled with Coaching will do much more for others than you probably imagine.

    Aligning yourself with your aspirations, goals and values will be a gift to many.

    Look forward to get to know more about you in ‘The Family’

    • Carmen Marie says:

      Thank you Jan. I do believe that coaching has opened a door to expanding my dream to much more than what I imagined years ago. My intention IS to create a movement… I’ll share more of my work and plans on facebook! I look forward to making a difference in the world, with my “Family”.

  3. Lee Wise says:

    I caught this from Facebook, read the “About Me” and I imagine that your desire to continue helping people through the avenue of coaching (and other ways) will prove meaningful to you and those you seek to influence in a positive way.

    All the best to you in the days ahead!

    • Carmen Marie says:

      Thank you very much for the kind words Lee! Following a life dream and the natural flow of events leading to a more meaningful existence… It definitely involves making a difference.

  4. Betty says:

    Just saw your video.
    You are a true inspiration!

  5. I must say that overall I am truly impressed with this blog.It is easy to notice that you are passionate regarding your writing. If only I had your writing talent I wait for more posts and will be returning

    • Carmen Marie says:

      As I work more and more on goal setting and achievement, I see how we stall or stop ourselves from doing what we would love to do! I encourage you to give writing a try, even if it’s only in your journal to start… You never know where that might take you!! :)

  6. Hilda says:

    Dear Carmen,
    I am truly honored and very proud of your courage and self esteem and positive attitude. This is an just a nice web page that will help so many people.
    Keep up the good work and goodf luck

    • Carmen Marie says:

      Thank you SO MUCH Hilda!!! You just made me so happy!
      Thank you for the wonderful comment and for your amazing friendship that has lasted through both our ups and downs for so many years! I truly hope it will help others who experience rough times just as we have, and who need just a little support to know they can do it too!! :)

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