A Worthwhile Effort to Smile

Today was Halloween. My friends know very well that I am certainly NOT a Halloween person… and they’re not shy to make their comments. The truth is, I really don’t think I like any Holiday… As a very spiritual person, I don’t appreciate the commercialization of┬áHolidays in general. I prefer the meaning behind some of them, whether religious, cultural, traditional or spiritual.

I nevertheless have two kids and a niece. My sister-in-law loves celebrating Holidays of all kinds. The kids enjoy it too. So if I didn’t join in the fun, I would really look like a buhumbug type of person.

I bought a Raggidy-Ann costume two years ago. I still have it. It’s nice and classic. I decided to wear that. I also decided that if I am going to do this, I have to do it right. It took some effort. My kids were watching me closely. My daughter was excited about her costume; although she had worn it to a party on Friday, she wanted to show it to her aunt and uncle.

Raggidy-Ann Halloween

I wore the costume and started on my make-up. The effort paid off. I was soon all smiles and I was glad I went along with the idea. The doorbell rang and our first trick or treater came along. I opened the door and the mother paid me a wonderful compliment about my costume. That also made me feel good!

We then drove to my brother’s house and were greeted by family amazed to see me dressed up. They hardly recognized me! Here I was all smiles at a party I would have gladly passed on not too long ago. My efforts were paying off.

I realized that sometimes, blocking myself from certain experiences may prevent me from enjoying important and happy moments. This is especially true with kids; they grow so fast that if I don’t make an effort today, the opportunity may never rise again in the future.

I may not like Halloween, but I liked smiling about my costume with my kids and loved ones. It was well worth my effort.


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