A Smile – The Best Indicator of Self-Love

Last year, on Valentine’s Day, I wrote about the fact  that I didn’t like this “Special Day”. As a divorced single mom, I don’t think I have to go through the background information to explain why that was so. Valentine’s Day being a day for couples, I was simply not interested.

Since I had already started on my self-discovery path back then, I decided to focus on the theme “I Love ME” for self-love, during the entire month of February (2011). That was my way of putting aside the romantic element I did not want to deal with yet. Little did I know this research into self-love would be the start of a long process for me.

Today, I value Valentine’s Day. The reason for this shift lies in my growth as a woman whose heart needed some mending. During this past year, I learned a lot about myself and the importance of self-love for any relationship, with myself, with my family, with friends, with coworkers and yes of course, with a soul mate.

A year ago, I wrote about Respect, Compassion, Patience and Gratitude among other notions of Self-Love. That was a start for me. Breathing in each of these words in my life and in my heart, I learned to value what was best and most important to me.

I made many changes in my life since then, personally and professionally, and as I transformed, my love expanded. The more I loved, the more opportunities came my way. The more I loved, the more I acknowledged these open doors. The more I loved, the more I smiled about the new direction my life was taking.

I haven’t yet found my soul mate and I am not in a rush. I still have more self-loving to do before I am ready to share my love romantically again. I give myself the gift of Patience and Compassion while I heal my wounds. I am learning to forgive myself for past abuses, for not believing in myself and not trusting myself to make the right decisions. These are all part of self-love and have become part of what Valentine’s Day means to me.

I am very happy to be growing and nurturing this love I have discovered in my heart and soul. The best indicator of this newfound love is the smile I have re-discovered. With increasing self-love, I smile again and people notice it. They compliment me and tell me I look happy. I believe that it is this smile that will tell my soulmate, I am ready to share my love, finally.


Make self-love part of your Awakening path this year. There are over 20 articles under the “I Love ME” theme written in February 2011, the first one is I Love ME - Let Me Count The Ways and other ones are listed below the article. I am sure you will find some good food for thought in them.



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