A quick peak at Energy Drainers

I recently wrote about the benefits of maintaining or increasing your energy levels, as opposed to letting them drain. Using the bucket imagery works best for me and it may help you too. (For more on this, type bucket in the search field!)

For a good eye opening exercise, I highly suggest taking out your Journal and clarifying what situations, activities or individuals in your life have which effect on your energy levels. You can do this by drawing three columns on a page, labeling the columns as PLUS-NEUTRAL-MINUS or something similar, and just plugging in the items below each heading.

The most significant change you can make in your life today is to work on eliminating the Energy Drainers. (MINUS)

These are the holes in your bucket and you have to find a way to plug them.

What are your Energy Drainers? Do you have some of these in your list?

  • Clutter in a room or house, clutter on office desk
  • Procrastinating, particularly on a task that is difficult
  • A person that you don’t resonate well with but you deal with on a regular basis
  • A job you really don’t like
  • Being dragged into an activity you don’t enjoy
  • A personal mind script you don’t like but that you repeat to yourself

There may be some very different ones on each of our lists! Dig deep to figure out what Energy Drainers make up the holes in your bucket and we’ll look at some ways to plug them this week!

Send me your comments on Energy Drainers that affect your life so that we may discuss them too!  Comments, Ask Carmen, email or even facebook! Your input is VERY valuable to TheNewHappyMe!


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2 Responses to “A quick peak at Energy Drainers”

  1. abbey awaye says:

    M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ energy drainer are environmental factors, how can i make a change?

    • Carmen Marie says:

      I will address these negative elements in the next articles to come for sure. Many other readers have similar issues in their life. Also watch Ask Carmen #4, I will give a nice meditation/visualization idea to help you!

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