A little reward for good Discipline

When you make an effort, especially a big effort, to do something that you considered very difficult, it is always nice to know that you can give yourself a little reward to congratulate yourself for a job well done.

It may sound a little childish, but it certainly works and I highly recommend it, particularly in the case of working on Discipline.

For each of the Baby Steps and Milestones you plan to achieve, match an appropriate reward for yourself to increase the excitement of goal completion and anticipation of the gift to yourself.

Your “pat on the shoulder” may be anything such as some time off work to rest, a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant or a day of pampering at the spa; it could be a pair of gorgeous shoes you’ve been eyeing, or the latest gadget you were waiting to be launched. It could be anything at all!

It doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it have to cost anything at all! I personally like congratulating myself on Facebook… I share my happiness with my friends by telling them I have just accomplished something big! Their supportive comments double my reward!

Try to make the reward match the effort to make it reasonable. A bigger reward for a more difficult task will motivate better. You will see that soon enough, you won’t even need the rewards as much as when you started. A little “Congratulations for a job well done” to yourself, coupled with a big proud smile, will be more than enough to keep you going! The results of your work will be reward enough and more!


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