A little change… Going that one extra step.

Today’s article has been inspired by a new friend of mine, someone whose words have been touching me deeply lately. He has become my Hero in his demonstration of will, commitment, perseverence and faith. A most generous man who has learned many lessons on his path, and who now, facing possibly the biggest challenge in his life, has decided to share his thoughts, his gratitude and love,¬†with his friends. I am most honoured to be part of his email list!

Yesterday, in his daily email, he wrote about how he could have given up, left the challenge to the next day… but how he stopped himself and said NO. The challenge is meant to be faced today! This decision made all the difference for him.

He was swimming laps and was tired fast. His old self would have given up to come back the next day. But this time he decided to keep going even if it was difficult, even if it hurt. He soon noticed that to keep going made it easier and easier. He also noticed that his attitude changed, his emotions changed and it even went as far as giving him more hope for the future. The challenge, once faced, opened up more doors than he could imagine. That one decision to keep going that one extra step made a world of difference to him.

“Much good work is lost for the lack of a little more.” – Edward Harriman, American Railroad Executive, 1848-1909.

If you decided this year to always take that one extra step for yourself, no matter what the circumstances, can you imagine how much you could accomplish? Why not make that your New Year Resolution: when you are about to stop, decide to always go one step further.

My dearest friend, your lesson will now reach thousands of readers, some who will decide that this is a decision they need to make themselves. See how much you are impacting the world with your words?


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