A little break will do ME good!

I think the break will do my friends some good too! Apparently my posts have been extremely thought provoking.  I even made a close friend cry!!

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately… It is all good. Evaluating where I am today in order to take the proper steps forward tomorrow, are excellent ways of finding the right path. Change is good and good change happens when a proper analysis leads to smart questions, lesson providing failures, pride enducing successes and a propeller to happiness.

The path offers many sightseeing opportunities as well, providing us with a chance to take a little break from our ambitious sprints. I realize how my current evaluations have been difficult (it seems as much for me as for my friends whose thoughts I have been provoking too). I cannot run myself down with the heavy inner work I am imposing on myself. That would certainly go against the I Love ME process. So I decided this is a good time to stop and smell the roses that my path offers me to enjoy.

Last week, I mentioned using imagery to fill my mind with wonderful gifts I would like to offer myself. I wrote about how I can make these gifts real for me by using my Journal to describe the joy they would bring me. Writing about the incredible sensations, smells, things I hear, see or touch can offer me a vivid picture and more of what receiving these gifts would be like. Additionally, writing these in my Journal right before going to bed, allows my brain to continue processing the images into sleep. This makes the Vision Board type images clear and vivid in my mind and helps my thoughts actually attract the gifts into my life (it’s all about the Law of Attraction).  I suggested trying this and I experimented with it myself for 5 days. It’s time I go back to rewarding myself with these wonderful gift images for my hard work!

My gift to myself is a trip to a warm place. I see myself lounging under the sun, eyes closed, completely relaxed, hearing only the breeze cooling me off once in a while. I also feel the flour-like sand on my back, healing me with therapeutic heat soaking into my muscles. I smell nature’s aroma, the ocean, the trees and flowers, plus the beach side bar with fresh fish on the grill. Mmmmmmm….. It feels so good. I am so relaxed. What a great gift to myself….


These images, repeated in my mind over several days, especially before going to bed, will no doubt re-energize me. In the meantime, the gift to myself, the time off to smell the roses, sure makes me HAPPY!!


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