A good read: “Ready, Fire, Aim”

I often talk about Michael Masterson as an author and a speaker who gives no nonsense explanations and examples of what it is to build wealth.  I’ve read many of his books and I highly recommend them. Ready, Fire, Aim is probably his best work, closely followed by The Pledge.

Himself having gone from poverty as a child to multi-millions now in his 50s, Michael shares his experience with his followers , allowing them to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.  He offers a lot of his know-how in this book to help newbies and oldtimers in business alike.

Ready, Fire, Aim has also become a theme for ETR (Early to Rise) followers. It’s an attitude and a method for wealth builders. Although the book gives penty more valuable information, the main concept is simple: you develop a project and you try it out, sell it, get your market’s feedback, then you adapt it to aim better.  That’s it!

Thanks to the advice from Michael and ETR, that’s what I did with TheNewHappyMe. As some of my first readers may remember, the website started with content and with a subscription form, but the layout wasn’t finished, the HappyGuide was still in its 1st eBook stage, there were no images with posts and there was no Daily Hint of Happiness back then… I just got the basics ready and I fired!

Then I adjusted, slowly but surely, TheNewHappyMe came to life… and here we are today…

I am still adjusting with much more to do. I am eager to get feedback from my readers to see what they want to see, as after all, TheNewHappyMe is for all of us! That’s the aiming part. My dream was to offer TheNewHappyMe as a service to readers and I am amazed at how much I have accomplished in 6 months! I’m glad I didn’t stall on this one!

What is your project? Get Ready, Fire, Aim and move forward on achieving your goal!


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