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Ask Carmen #8 – Why I love Vision Boards.

I think the video is quite self explanatory! Enjoy!

The link as mentioned on the video is


Work in progress…

My Thinkshop presentation started with a slide of TheNewHappyMe logo accompanied by a tag below: “Work in Progress“.
I cannot explain TheNewHappyMe path better than with those 3 words. It is truly a work in progress when you are constantly learning and growing.

You discover something new about yourself, a new passion, a new strength, a new [...]


Awakenings with TheNewHappyMe.

I took TheNewHappyMe path on Oct 10-2010 because I wanted to make changes in my life.
I was ready.
Since then, one step after another, transformations have brought me to today, a present where TheNewHappyMe has more meaning to me than I could have imagined a year ago.
I realize that it has all been about Awakenings. Breakthroughs, [...]


What life are you meant to live?

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela.
This quote is exactly what TheNewHappyMe speaks about. No more settling for the familiar. No more going through life stuck in a comfortable numbness. This is about becoming the [...]


Ask Carmen #7 – What is celebrating?

How timely to be talking about Celebrating just as the new Celebrate page is introduced to fans!!
So today’s Ask Carmen question is: “What is Celebrating and how do you do it?”

This is actually a common question. We often work very hard on our goals and we push ourselves to always strive for more. What [...]


Ask Carmen #6 – Beyond fear, taking action.

Here is Ask Carmen #6 with this question:
“I want to take action, I want to move forward but I can’t, I am paralized with fear, how can you help me?”
The video is a little longer than usual (12:50 minutes) but well worth every minute. Comment below to let me know how this suggestion will help [...]


First Day of 2012

This first day of 2012, I have decided
that it will be the year of TAKING ACTION!
I have been seeing too many of you paralyzed in fear. – **Don’t, you might fall, the risk is too high, have you thought about it? What if this, what if that? I am comfortable here, I don’t want to [...]