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I Love ME; I Support ME.

SUPPORT is an act that is generally expected to be mutual. I give support to my family and friends and I expect the same in return.  This is an act of love that is absolutely normal and that should be part of every relationship. 
(Of course, I understand “should be” doesn’t necessarily mean it ”is”…)
No matter what I do, how [...]


I Love ME; In ME I Trust.

Trust is a BIG word. It carries lot of responsibility. As it relates to ME, it should.
Someone who loves ME, also trusts me, believes in my integrity and my good intentions.
Do I trust ME?

Do I trust that I will make decisions and act in my own best interest all the time, at least with good [...]


I Love ME Gratefully

GRATITUDE AND GRATIFICATION deserve two separate posts but I put them together for a reason. Both Gratitude and Gratification can be source of inner happiness, for something that has been (either that has been given, received, happened, etc.) Both words are basic ingredients of TheNewHappyMe.
In the theme of I Love ME, I believe feeling Gratitude offers [...]


I Love ME; Attention to all

Attention to all my needs that is!

As individuals, we all have needs. As the pyramid shows, the bottom category of needs is primary, then we can move up to meeting the next level, then the following and so on. 
I believe that we sometimes like to jump the gun and we try to find contentment within the [...]


I Love ME with an open mind

An open mind is one thing I know I have. Whew! I was starting to have too much to think about and write in my journal!!  (I’ll add a P.S. though to say Kudos to Carmen for her open mind!) 
Jokes aside, I believe this is the primary element in following your path to happiness; an open [...]


I Love ME; I deserve to be loved.

To say you deserve anything, takes courage. It is standing up for what you believe is your right. 
To say “I deserve to be loved” may sound quite natural and obvious at first.  Read the header again. How comfortable does it feel?  I think it may take more courage to face it than to say it.
My first reaction [...]


I Love ME; patience is my virtue

Well, actually it isn’t, but it should be. I am really trying hard to be more patient in general. Whether with my children, my family, my colleagues, my projects, even fellow drivers on my way to work.  I also have to be more patient with myself, just as my friends and loved-ones are with me. 
“Adopt [...]


I Love ME with compassion

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”  - Dalai Lama

Loving yourself with compassion is treating yourself with understanding, as opposed to criticism and judgment.
Compassion may be seen as the attitude of the weak.  It is seen as pity or the open door to laziness.  It isn’t an [...]


I Love ME; I set me free.

“Forgiveness is giving up the possibility of a better past”
- Unknown
In self-love, I accept my past. Every moment of my journey that is now my past, has contributed to who I am today. Even the events I may not be proud of have become ME. Forgiveness is acknowledging the fact that each one of these [...]


I Love ME; My life is my trophy.

My life is my trophy and I accept it.
Have you ever thought of the fact that it is very uncommon for someone to dislike a trophy they have been awarded. When we receive a trophy, it isn’t the trophy itself that we look at, but the achievement it represents.
My life is my trophy. It may [...]